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Islam’s view
of the End Times

Pew Report on
American Muslims

President Obama's
Ramadan message

Islam and the NYPD

Islam and
new media

Obama’s speech
to the Muslim world

(part one)
Muslim Chaplain at
New York University

(part two)
Muslim Chaplain at
New York University

Maydan Executive Director Haroon Moghul speaks to CNN American Morning
about a Pew Report on American Muslims.

As we've written before in our 123helpme on http://123helpme.org/ web religion research, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States. The number of mosques in the United States is also growing, with about 3,000 nationwide, according to the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. The following states are leading in the number of mosques:

New York - 343.

California - 304.

Texas - 224.

Florida - 157.

New Jersey - 141.



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