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Islam’s view
of the End Times

Pew Report on
American Muslims

President Obama's
Ramadan message

Islam and the NYPD

Islam and
new media

Obama’s speech
to the Muslim world

(part one)
Muslim Chaplain at
New York University

(part two)
Muslim Chaplain at
New York University

Imam Latif comments on President Obama's
Ramadan message
on a recent CNN program.

Therefore, below we will post a piece of text taken from an article on the essaywriters.com website regarding Obama's statement. US President Barack Obama celebrated the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, once again declaring his support for liberation movements in the Arab world against repressive regimes, the BBC reports. "This year, many people observed the fast, showing courage and resilience in their efforts to achieve their basic needs and fundamental freedoms," the President said in a statement he made during his one-day trip to Minneapolis. "The United States will stand by them, defending the dignity and rights of all people, whether it is a hungry child in the Horn of Africa or a young person demanding freedom in the Middle East or North Africa," Obama assured.





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