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Islam’s view
of the End Times

Pew Report on
American Muslims

President Obama's
Ramadan message

Islam and the NYPD

Islam and
new media

Obama’s speech
to the Muslim world

(part one)
Muslim Chaplain at
New York University

(part two)
Muslim Chaplain at
New York University

Maydan Executive Director Haroon Moghul speaks to The History Channel,
about Islam’s view of the End Times.

We often buy article online on the https://exclusive-paper.com/buy-blog-article-online.php site and often receive interesting information like this about Islam. Writers on the site write that the last century has made noticeable corrections to the very concept of religious authority in Islam. A whole layer of people who can be called "public intellectuals" has appeared: representatives of the scientific, business, religious or even military elite, who speak to the general public not through Friday sermons in mosques or traditional lessons after them, but in the appropriate television programs , books, at various seminars, etc. This "parallel" system of informal Islam, which largely functions alongside the "official" religious circles, is growing in influence, reaching millions of people.



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