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The Maydan Institute empowers individuals and organizations that work with Muslims, represent Muslim populations or seek new opportunities in Muslim communities and countries with the skills necessary to realize their vision. Through engaging seminars and interactive workshops as well as customizable trainings and exercises, The Maydan Institute pursues three complementary objectives:

We empower government, media, corporate and other sectors with the knowledge of Islam and Muslims they need to meet their goals.

The Maydan Institute is dedicated to enabling a better work environment for and with Muslims, helping companies and media access and master new markets and niches. We have international expertise and a global focus.

We enable American Muslims, as individuals, institutions and communities, to most effectively engage the public sphere, master communication strategies and techniques and develop the skills necessary for long-term growth and success.

The Maydan Institute enables Muslims to understand how best to put media to work for them. What our organizations and leaders require, to translate ambition into reality, is a sound understanding of how to capitalize on the media, counter negative stereotypes, develop and sell a vision that attracts, engages and includes.

We provide intensive leadership development courses, to help individuals and organizations cope with change, grow responsibly and plan for a productive and successful future.

The Maydan Institute believes that Muslim communities can best pursue their aims by deeply examining their membership, their strengths and weaknesses, ambitions and resources, and we facilitate that process. We help your organization understand what’s possible, what’s desirable – and how (and why) you can get there. Allow us to put years of work building a Muslim life institution, recognized internationally, for you and your community.





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