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We began working together at the Islamic Center at New York University, where we were students and where we helped shape a more proactive and successful Muslim community. Only minutes from Ground Zero, our undergraduate experience was forever changed by the events of September 11th, and our membership with the Islamic Center. Sought by major media from Germany to Brazil as representatives of the Muslim community closest to downtown Manhattan, we devoted our time, energy and skills to increasing understanding and encouraging dialogue. What we learned in those weeks and months has brought us to where we stand today.

We went on television, visited college campuses, networked with executives and met with major public figures, all in the interest of learning, healing and overcoming. We work together today, through The Maydan Institute, with the spirit of that response and in the interest of creating a world that can grow beyond discourses of hate and intolerance. Through our work in business, chaplaincy, academia, education and media, we have accumulated a distinct reserve of experiences and insights. We have dedicated our time and energy to pursuing projects that bring together the Muslim and Western experience from a variety of perspectives, whether in the classroom, the boardroom or on television.

Omar Taha’s years of experience with some of the world’s most prestigious and powerful companies has allowed him a deep understanding of business and finance in the Arab and Muslim worlds. With the middle-class population of the Muslim world every year increasing in size, this is a market that can be decisive for growing companies, and yet is poorly understood. He has helped the Islamic Center pursue international development resources, and served as an advisor on major Muslim institutional projects.

Khalid Latif and Haroon Moghul have dedicated years to building an unparalleled Muslim life institution at New York University (NYU). The Islamic Center at NYU has become a model for Muslim community, not only in North America, but internationally. Their speaking engagements, lectures, workshops and other programs have taken them to colleges and conferences in all corners of the world, and their sermons reach tens of thousands of people across the planet annually.

Through these experiences, The Maydan Institute offers its clients the perspective, nuance and insight they deserve. Our history enables us to work with a variety of institutions and individuals, to unlock the potential within every great idea and help realize the vision behind every community and institution.



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