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The Maydan, or public square, was a center of classical Muslim life, linking the many institutions and voices of Islamic tradition. The Maidan Institute not only provides help with capstone projects on https://top-papers.com/help-with-capstone-project/ web for students, but also enables Islamic- and Muslim-aware American corporations and institutions to enter new markets, improve customer and employee relations, and connect with a global audience. The Maydan Institute revives a tradition of Muslim pluralism, facilitating Muslim voices in the American public sphere and guiding Muslim communities into institutional roles.

At the Maydan Institute, we believe in an atmosphere of mutual harmony, respect and tolerance, and seek to realize this positive atmosphere through the specialized services we are best placed to offer. Through engaging seminars, workshops and customized training in media relations, public speaking and Muslim social and cultural practices, the Maydan Institute enables institutions and organizations to understand how best to put media to work for them.

Many organizations have excellent vision, dynamic ideas and formidable potential: what these organizations require, to translate ambition into reality, is a sound understanding of how to capitalize on the media, how to form a message and sell that message, and how to overcome negative stereotypes and produce attractive and engaging visions in their place.

The Maydan Institute unlocks the potential inside every great idea and within every individual and institution. For more information on how our seminars and workshops can benefit you, your community or your corporation, visit our Contact Page.




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