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Introducing Islam: For Business, Media and Government

We tailor this one- or two-day customizable workshop to provide the
most relevant knowledge of Islam, its practices and cultures for your
organization. Your organization requires the comprehensive approach
that only our combined talent, skills and authority offers. The Muslim
world and Muslim communities here and abroad represent a vast, often
untapped market, and American companies and other organizations can
best benefit from that market when they understand and appreciate
Islam. Customizability includes your organization’s specialization,
area of business or concern and schedule.

Working with Muslims: Employees, Clients and Environments

From hospitals to financial firms, accommodating Muslim practices,
needs and sensitivities is an increasingly relevant topic, both as the
Muslim population in America grows and matures – and as American
organizations became more and more global. Allow this customizable,
one- or two-day workshop, tailored to your organization’s needs, allow
you to understand how to work with Muslims and connect to Muslim
audiences. In combination with “Introducing Islam”, your organization
will have a great competitive advantage as it best incorporates new
talent and enters new markets. This workshop includes sensitivity
trainings, cultural practices, religious and dietary needs as well as
other concerns as relevant to your organization.

Advertising and Branding in the Muslim World

How does an American corporation advertise in the Muslim world?
How should American companies develop relationships and connections
with Muslim communities in places as diverse as Turkey, Pakistan or the
Arabian Gulf? As Muslim communities become more and more a part of
the global economy, those companies will succeed, financially and
strategically, which can attract and retain Muslim consumers, clients
and partners. Too many American corporations allow negative
stereotypes, mutual unawareness and culturally inappropriate
messaging to hold them back.

We will teach your organization how Muslims understand images,
interpret and translate words, slogans and messages, and how a
deeper awareness of political sensitivities and religious values –
especially as religion becomes more and more public in the Muslim
world – can support your company instead of holding it back.

Allow us to help your company build a popular brand image true to
your identity and product, and simultaneously one that speaks to a
Muslim audience. The future of business is global, and 1 out of 6 of
those future consumers is Muslim.





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