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Muslim Communities and Institutions

The Art of Prophet Communication

This two-day workshop concentrates on the basic principles of effective public speaking, teaching Muslims how to take lessons from the early successes of Islam and the wisdom of our Prophet, peace be upon him and apply them to the modern American media context. Through exercises and hands-on training, we help Muslims learn how the media works, what new trends and personalities tell us about successful messaging, how communication matters – and what too many Muslim organizations don’t know about introducing their voices into the public sphere and why so many Muslims fail to become effective public speakers.

The Art of Prophetic Education

This two-day workshop focuses on the brilliance of our Prophet, peace be upon him, as an educator and teacher. Using concrete examples from his life, we provide exercises, drills and group workshops designed to assist Muslims in educational, pedagogical or related fields. Unfortunately, many Muslims don’t know how best to teach Islam whether to non-Muslims, to diverse audiences as well as to their next generations. Besides cultural and generational gaps, many Muslims do not take advantage of research and proven techniques from the American context and do not reach as many people as they deserve to. This workshop will teach you and your community how to relay Islamic values and principles in an effective, memorable and engaging manner. We will show you how to use narrative, humor, lectures, exercises and more to deepen and broaden your reach.

How to Deliver an Effective Khutbah

What makes an effective khateeb? What are the skills an effective communicator requires? How do we know what lessons are relevant to our audience, and make sure our audience remembers what we need to communicate? Using our years of experience in speaking to ever-growing audiences of diverse backgrounds, this two-day workshop teaches Muslims the fiqh requirements, the wisdom behind these rulings and principles, and how to connect this most important function into new opportunities. We want to make you a better, more relevant and more commanding speaker. We will help you learn more about context, message, topicality, relevance and audience reception, so you can acquire not only the knowledge required to give a khutbah, but to give khutbahs that confidently and effectively speak to the concerns and challenges of your community. This workshop is absolutely necessary for every Muslim community.

Branding, Advertising and Framing

These days, the average soundbite runs less than ten seconds. A Muslim finds himself or herself on camera, before a hostile host or a confused audience – how can you seize the moment? What should you say? How can we represent our cause? How does advertising work? What is effective – and what is dangerous? How do Muslim institutions brand themselves and create visions that are compelling, attractive and popular? This two-day workshop focuses intensively on the structure and function of media in American society, the role, growth and power of advertising, and how successful individuals and companies – from Barack Obama to Apple and its iPod – capture hearts, minds and dreams through successful framing. After this workshop, your organization will have the knowledge necessary to represent itself not only regionally but nationally and internationally.

Building a Muslim Community: From Individuals to Institutions

Four days in length, this intensive workshop provides a powerful translation of our years of experience in building a New York City Muslim life institution. Beginning with lessons from the Prophet, peace be upon him, and great Muslim leaders, we deeply study what makes for good leadership – and how to cultivate the skills, attitude and wisdom necessary in a leader.

The time has come for Muslims to construct permanent institutions, with the financial probity, human resources and collective vision to build the next generation of American Muslim life. The second half of this extended workshop focuses on the tools, skills and strategies necessary for the institutionalization of Muslim communities, and examines, through activities, exercises and other formats, what role Muslim institutions can play, what potential your community has, and how your community can reach its full potential.

We consider “Building a Muslim Community” an absolutely necessary workshop for every Muslim community, best appreciated after completing prior workshops such as “The Art of Prophetic Communication” and “Branding, Advertising and Framing.”




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